We’re Hiring

Our community is growing and seeking full-time (live-in) assistants who want to share life in community with people with and without disabilities. Qualified applicants will have an openness to relationships, a willingness to learn, a commitment to personal growth, and a belief in the unique sacredness of every person. We provide all required trainings.
Contact: recruitment@larchestlouis.org or call the office (314) 405-8025.Full-time positions include salary, room, board, and benefits.

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People who have intellectual disabilities need support in their everyday lives. In L’Arche, people who choose to share their life ‘assist’ them in a wide variety of tasks: cooking, household maintenance, medical or personal care, gardening.  People choose to get involved in community life, in various ways and for varying periods, and L’Arche welcomes them all. A lot of young people come just for a year with us, while others want to commit themselves for much longer. Read more at: http://www.larche.org/faq-en

“To love someone is to show to them their beauty, their worth, and their importance.” – Jean Vanier